California SapAwards

California Sap produces the highest quality CO2 extracts. We utilize an all-naural process with state-of-the-art equipment that has made us an undefeated champion in the CO2 Concentrate categories. We can produce finer oils than any other because our saps are not mixed with artifical fillers or additives.

Grampules, Disposable penVaporettes,
Pre-loaded Cartridges

Every gramqul, pen or infused product you find filled
California Sap on the label is 100% natural. We test
all batches for quality, consistency and safety with SC
Labs and are verified for safety and potency by Ibudtender.

High CBD

We have created a proprietary 1:1 blend of high CBD, gramqul-w-logo-thumb
high THC and our High Terpene line to bring forth
extremely flavorful editions packed with beneficial properties.

High THC

Our signature line that has won us awards from all thc-sap
over California. High in THC, each batch is sure to please.

High Terpenes 

By focusing our equipment on extracting higher terpenes,
we have unlocked unseen natural ratios that will have your
mouth watering after each exhale.