Achelois is dedicated and proud to bring you the best in New Age pain relief topicals.

For the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Co2 Infused Topicals

ACHELOIS products Crafted by experts, this revolutionary and luxurious product line brings long lasting and instant relief from pain, in addition to treating both minor and disfiguring skin cell conditions. These award winning formulas may be used daily, alone or in combination, to alleviate discomfort or treat pain from serious injury. Achelois is proud to present it’s essential line of healing products.

  • Freedom Lotion
    Pain relieving cannabis topical
  • Fibro-Blast
    Anti-aging skincare
  • Deep Tissue Massage Oil
    All over body massage oil
Achelios Fibro-Blast before and after picture

15 Day Achelois Fibroblast Treatment

“I had deep 2nd degree burns on my face and hands. 10 days after being released from the hospital I started using ACHELOIS and saw almost immediate results. I have gained pigment back in my face completely and in my hands even where the doctors thought I wouldn’t. This product has amazed me and my doctors and I am blessed to have the opportunity to use it! I look forward to a full recovery and looking like myself in no time!”

Mike Mossmayer

Burn Victim