While we still offer traditional packaging such as Jars, Tubes and bags, we want to offer custom 3d printed containers that are guaranteed to turn heads.


After trying several different 3d printer brands such as Prusa and Makerbot we built a production line of printers that produces custom packaging 24/7 


Just like everything else in life, quality material makes quality products, which is why we have singled out  what fillement makes the best possible products.

Customization like never before!

Here at The Healing Cabinet we believe packaging should be creative, unique and spark conversation, stepping away from the traditional side of the industry and focusing on creating innovative packaging has allowed us to bring products to market in never before seen cases.

Innovate Cannabis Packaging!

With almost 10 years experience in the cannabis industry we wanted to take things to a new level and challenge the traditional packaging by using state of the art tech to implement new designs.

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